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"I have been buying drum mallets from many sources for over 14 years and these are definitely head and shoulders above anything else!  They are attractive, durable, and make a wonderful sound.  I highly recommend you use Mallet Man mallets, you will be very pleased indeed, and have the added bonus:  The pleasure of interacting with a very good human being, Mallet Man himself, Pete Oxland!"


Judy Atkinson, President Circles of Rhythm,

“I love using Pete Oxland’s drum circle mallets because of their durability, balance, and beautiful design. Furthermore, Pete is constantly trying to improve them! Go Pete!”


Malcolm Lim, Maestro and CEO, Rhythm Mastery

"I've been using the mallets I received from you, over a year ago, for both personal and performance applications. They are most certainly great mallets.  I think that they are well weighted, have great density, and are extremely well made. I've used both sizes on buffalo drums and on ashiko drums. I've used your mallets in fast and furious play during performances and have been rightfully confident in them. Your attention to detail and your engineering background have served you well in the production of these mallets."


John Nielsen, Musician

"I was introduced to Mallet Man, Pete, from my drum circle mentor, Judy Atkinson. I'm a big believer that when I see something that's working well, I don't want to re-invent the wheel. Judy runs huge drum circles and her referral said it all. Pete is a super person, very responsive to needs and very caring about his clients. His mallets are top quality and built to endure rigorous use. You can tell he takes exceptional pride and care in his product and we benefit from that.

I've had two large orders with Pete and he's been trustworthy and service oriented provider. If you want the best, go with Pete !"


Lisa Chell, Drum Circle Facilitator

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