About Us

It all started in 2003 in Calgary, going to our first Community Drum Circle - a wonderful small intimate gathering of people making music and meaningful connections together.

​Over time, we realized drums were being damaged by the mallets being used. Partnerships were cultivated with drum circle facilitators to continue to enhance the design, standing up to the rigors of regular drum circles.

​The result - high quality handcrafted drum mallets for use with various types of drums (frame/buffalo, tubano, dun dun & gathering/bass) for community and healthcare environments.

A very welcome addition to our team is Megan – an eager and talented knitter / sewist. Recent interest in our personal drum covers has inspired us to also make these, leveraging Megan’s passion & expertise.


A recent interesting challenge from a senior's organization to create an easier-held drum mallet for those struggling with arthritis, led to the testing of multiple prototypes and a drum mallet with a modified handle.

Contributing to community drum circles by making high quality drum mallets & drum covers is a sincere privilege.

Thank you for showing interest in what we are doing!

Pete Oxland
mallet man